Our renovated space offers:

  • Whisper Room Sound Booth in the Audio Suite with Editing Capability
  • Professional Grade Video Camera, Lighting, and Editing in the Video Suite
  • MAC Workspace with FREE internet
  • Modern, Ergonomic Work and Meeting Space
  • Rehearsals and Table Reads
  • Casting and Production Meeting Space
  • Year-round Professional Development Workshops and Seminars
  • Convenient Location to Work Between Auditions

The Kaufherr Resource Center acknowledges support from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.

at the kaufherr center, we are in the business of growing community & supporting growth minded-artists WHO ARE BUSY growing business. 

Jess Jones

who we are

This program supported in part by the SAG AFTRA Producers Industry Advancement and Cooperative Fund:

Who is Kaufherr?
Founded in 2001, The Kaufherr Resource Center emanated from a vision of the late, legendary voiceover artist Jerry Kaufherr (a.k.a., narrator of the “Morris the Cat” campaign). Today, the Center’s mission reflects Kaufherr’s vision: an organization with commitment to offering and facilitating programs that support working performers and aspiring professionals reach their goals to enhance their performance skills, broaden their work opportunities, market their talent, and network with their fellow performers and industry professionals, all to advance their careers in the entertainment industry. ​After Kaufherr’s death, the Center was launched through the generosity of the Daniel M. Kaufherr Charitable Trust. Fifteen dedicated performers took out their paint brushes and reached out to others for donations of furniture and equipment to create what became the Kaufherr Members Resource Center

The Kaufherr Resource Center supports professional and emerging performing artists seeking opportunity within the entertainment industry.  Our work is focused on assisting performers in finding gainful employment by providing them with the necessary tools.  

We do this by providing the technical tools and training to engage technology, on-line resources, professional development workshops, and networking with fellow performers on all career levels.

The Center is located in a 2,500 square foot newly renovated space in Chicago's River North area, conveniently located close to film and broadcast studios, talent agencies, regional theatres, casting offices, and ad agencies.