The Audio Booth - 

A voice actor's "home away from home"

Need to set up some time in the booth?
Hoping to schedule a basic audio training session? 
Willing to be an on-call audio engineer for other members?

Don't hesitate to reach out! 

Training prior to use of audio equipment is available weekly.  

To schedule your training with a professional media technician, Wednesday from 4pm to 9pm or Thursday from 12noon to 5pm, please call 312-526-3895 or email

To schedule studio time for recording:

call 312-526-3895 or email

Audio suite

The Center's audio suite is fully equipped with a 6' x 8' Whisper Room Sound Isolation Enclosure.  Professional grade Shure vocal dynamic microphones and Sony headphones enhance the recording experience.  

The studio is perfect for voiceover auditions, pre-recording podcasts, or developing your demo reel.  The booth can comfortably host two performers at once for pre-recorded podcasts and radio shows.

Recording and editing software includes Audacity and ProTools.